Advice on comparative analysis between two groups on Likert scale questionnaire

Hi everyone, I'm stuck on my dissertation which is due next week. I'm a business major student and my project is a comparative research on corporate social responsibility (CSR) between Chinese and German firms. According to my literature review, it's quite obvious that German firms have much better CSR initiatives and strategies than the Chinese ones and I wanted to test whether it was true by sending out Likert-scale questionnaires to Chinese and German firms through bankers in my family. I have already got 24 responses from the Chinese and 27 from the Germans and it looked quite evident that the hypothesis is correct. Now that I am writing my analysis chapter, I am lost as I don't know which is the best way to analyse my data after trying to find a solution for days. Basically, my questionnaire is structured in this way:

Q1 - Q5: statements on environment-oriented CSR
Q6 - Q10: statements on workplace-oriented CSR
Q11 - Q15: statements on community-oriented CSR
Q16-Q20: statements on market-oriented CSR

All of the statements are 5-pt Likert questions. I initially planed to compare the grouped mean values for each of the above section but I know that it's not scientific. So can someone give me any advice on which kind of tests is most suitable for my research? As you can see, my sample size is quite small. I really appreciate your time!