AMOS: 0 variance above latent variable

Hi all,

I just ran my model, and it fits really well and all the parameter coefficients are strong and at least moderately high. I was confused though because the Variance reported above the latent variable is zero. The model's structure is four measured variables loading into a single latent variables, which feeds into a single measured variable (see attached). I'm not sure what this means, and can't seem to find an answer anywhere.

Any thoughts? Should I be concerned?


PS......I should note that the little zero appears above the latent variable when I draw it using the Indicator icon. It seems to be setting the intercept value for the latent variable to zero automatically. I am trying to show how the variables on far left make up the latent variable in the middle, and measure how much that contributes to the final outcome of addiction.
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wait...I think I got it. I think I was thinking about it backwards (that the observed variables made up the latent variable). So the latent variable is actually making up the variance of the observed variable (i.e.: it is the construct that underlies the indicator). So it makes sense that there is a zero variance in the model because the latent variable is making up all the other variables in the model.

Does this sound correct?