AMOS does not display TLI index or the

Hi again,

I have my AMOS output, and it gives me a number of options of goodness-of-fit tests. However, I read about a couple of them, and they are not displaying. Do i need to do something special to make it display the Tucker-Lewis Index value? There does not seem to be a display for the code of TLI or for NNFI. Other missing ones include Root Mean Residual (RMR).

I have: Parsimony-Adjusted Measures, NCP, FMIN, RMSEA, AIC, ECVI and Hoelter.

Also, any advice on which ones to report or not report?

As always, you guys ROCK. IDK what I would do without this website!!!!
Ha. Just Kidding. It was part of Baseline Comparisons, rather than as its own measure. No wonder I could not find anything online about trouble-shooting the output. Well, hopefully my stupidity will help someone else....