AMOS: Error modelling censored data ("no model has been specified")

Hi all,
This is my first experience with censored data in AMOS. I'm getting this set of messages when I try to make Bayesian estimation:

Message 1: Error: no model has been specified
Message 2: The value, 0,65, of the variable, var.1, can\t be interpreted
Message 3: Bayesian estimation could not be performed

However, I had no problem when I used the data provided with the User Guide.
In my case I did draw a model, so I don't understand why I get the first message. Actually, if I open a diferent dataset with the same model, the Bayesian estimation is succesful.
Could it be a problem with data specification/codification? I'm using left-censored data, I'm attaching a sample of the data.

I got the same problem... Somehow, SPSS doesn't rely of the operating system to set the decimal character, and uses the comma instead of the period.. To force SPSS (and AMOS) to use the period as the decimal character, execute the SPSS command: SET LOCALE=ENGLISH ... Make sure the period is now the decimal character. Try to estimate your model (bayesian estimation).The problem should be solved...