Analysis for randomized controlled trial with moderating variable?

Hi everyone! I am designing an intervention study (randomized controlled trial) to investigate whether an intervention increases a protective factor (e.g.,family support) and leads to composite score of psychological wellbeing. In addition, we wanted to design the study based on a risk-resilience model, and whether there are moderating effects of SES. There are two groups (1 control and 1 intervention) and 4 measures (pre, during, and post, 1-year post intervention) will be collected.
For the effectiveness of the intervention, I thought a MANOVA would be adequate for my analyses, but I am not sure how I can test for the moderating effects. Some mentioned that I would have to do subsequent analyses to test for moderation effects but I am not quite sure which analysis I should use.
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You could perform a mixed analysisis of variance, i.e. a repeated-measures ANOVA with
an additional grouping factor. You can additionally include SES. The moderating effect will
be represented by SES*group*the within-subject factor.

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