Analyzing data from a dependent sample experiment with 2 conditions


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Hello there,
I have the following dataset resulting from an experiment where I have two conditions:

Each row is a subject. Each subject was exposed to both condition1 and condition2 (depentent-sample design) and the numbers in the respective columns are the subjects' scores for each condition. The order of the exposure to condion 1 first and then 2 (or vice versa) was randomized (to avoid a training effect) and its reported in the column "order".

Now, Condition1 and Condition2 are normal (K-S test and Shapiro-Wilk test both >.05) therefore I ran a "Paired-Sample T-Test" in SPSS. The result is significant, therefore there is a significant difference between condition 1 and 2.

However... I would like to check if the Order influenced in some way the scores of the subjects in condition 1 or 2. How can I test for this in general and, specifically in SPSS? (e.g. How can I check if there is a significant difference between condition 1 and 2, taking into account also the order column? Did the order of presentation play a role in the resulting scores or not?).

Thank you in advance for your answer


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Will subjects do better on the test the second time regardless of the condition?

Is there no baseline prior to either condition?

Were you going to test effect of gender?

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Thanks for the reply.
Subjects have been exposed to both condition 1 and 2, with the order randomized.
the t-test is significant, therefore subjects under one condition scored more than under the other.
Now my question is, how can I check with a test in SPSS whether the order actually influenced the results? e.g. how can they know if participants scored more in condition 2 when condition two was the 2nd condition presented, and not the first? I have an idea of couse, I could just check the means and see if the order influenced the results. However I wonder: which statistic test I should use in SPSS? (Anova? Can I use the two conditions as dependent variables and the order as Grouping condition?)


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Maybe you are looking for a repeated measures analysis
of variance with condition as within-subject factor and
order als between-subject factor. The interaction between
the factors would be of interest.

Or you analyse both condition variables seperately with
independent samples t-tests where "order" is the grouping

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