Appropriate analyses


I'm writing a protocol and need help to determine what analyses I would need to conduct. I am looking at the effects of false negative prenatal screening on parents of children with Down's Syndrome. I have three groups to compare; those who received the FN results, those who were offered screening but rejected screening and those who were not offered screening. All three groups will complete 5 likert scales measuring different things i.e. anxiety, stress etc. I want to compare the means of each of these in each group BUT also look at the effects on both mother and father in each group. So for example, group 1 I want to look at M and F means on the scales, then compare to group 2 and 3. I also want to compare all of these over time - at 3 different time points.

Previously research has used independent this right? Or is the analysis more complex. I also want to statistically control for maternal age - this would be a coverable..but Im not sure where this has a place in the analysis?!?