Assistance Please

I'm having a tough time with my online stat course. Very limited feedback from instructor and I feel somewhat on my own. Can someone assist with this problem? Math, in general, has never come easily to me. :(

Which of the following data sets is most likely to be normally distributed? For the other choices, explain why you believe they would not follow a normal distribution.

a) The dates of 100 dimes taken from the cash register drawer of a grocery store
b) The annual salaries of all employees of a large department store chain
c) The heights of a random sample of 50 American twenty-five year olds, 25 men and 25 women
d) The ratio of the arm span (measurement of the length from one end of an individual’s arms, measured at the fingertips, to the other when raised parallel to the ground at shoulder height at a 180o angle 34) to the height of a random sample of technical college freshmen.

Thank you!


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Well what does a normal distribution look like? Can you image why any of these would not be or at least look normally distributed (e.g., c. would be the fusion of two normal distributions (binormal) and may have a flat peak or perhaps be bimodal).

You see this is not that difficult. You can do it - just talk out the rationales.