Assistance Requested in Determining the Appropriate Statistical Analysis

I am developing a mock research proposal. The study will be a RCT of 100 women from a health clinic. Both groups complete an initial questionnaire as well as a follow up questionnaire (same as the baseline minus the socio-demographic portion). Both are asked to set up an appointment for a cancer screening Group A receives a subsequent educational intervention with prompting follow up contact, Group B does not receive any intervention.

I am looking to evaluate the (1) the portion of participants who make a cancer screening appointment and (2) the portion of participants who attended their screening appointment. I was thinking of evaluating each outcome independently and separate. I also wish to compare adherence rates in both the intervention and control groups.

I have been working on the analysis procedures portion of my mock for over 12 hours. I am honestly mentally exhausted and unsure of my own assumptions that the correct test to utilize would be a Fisher's Exact Test, although the population size being evaluated would be more consistent with a Chi-Square.

Any assistance at all would be extremely appreciated. Thank you!