blank spaces on SPSS output


I am running a 2x3 repeated measures ANOVA. My IVs are both categorical variables and my DV is a continuous variable - score (out of 200).

Firstly, I am having a problem with the ANOVA output. The main efffect of one variable, the output is coming out with no significance, no F-ratio and for the sum of squares, it is just coming out with an E in the number eg 5.432E-11. This is also happening in the mean square box. The other main effect has come out fine and the interaction has also come out absolutely fine. I am not sure what I am doing wrong? Or what this even means!

Secondly, for the same variable (the one with 2 levels), Mauchley's test for sphericity is not coming out either. Does this mean I have done something wrong?

Thank you in advance!