bootstrapping - change in time using complex survey

My problem seems simple, but I'm a bit lost.
I have two variables, X1 and Y1. X1 and Y1 are the way a product is classified by the team X1 and Y1.
X1: team X1 coding
Y1: team Y1 coding
And I need to test if the change (relative) between t and t+12 is different or not when I compare X1 and Y1.
I think it shoud be writen as:
H0: X1(t+12)/X1(t)-1 =Y1(t+12)/Y1(t)-1
I'm using a complex survey. I've read some test using bootstrapping in order to perform such analysis.
Am I using the right test?
If it is so, how do I program that on R or Stata? I mean not the whole code, but some start would be appreciated.
Thanks for your time and interest.