Calculating the value of Adjusted R2 using SSR and Standard Error

TABLE 12-9
You decide to predict gasoline prices in different cities and towns in the
United States for your term project. Your dependent variable is price of
gasoline per gallon and your explanatory variables are per capita income,
the number of firms that manufacture automobile parts in and around the
city, the number of new business starts in the last year, population density
of the city, percentage of local taxes on gasoline, and the number of people
using public transportation. You collected data of 32 cities and obtained a
regression sum of squares SSR = 122.8821. Your computed value of standard
error of the estimate is 1.9549.

Referring to Table 12-9, the value of adjusted r2 is
a. 0.4576
b. 0.5626
c. 0.6472
d. 95.5414