can anyone help me with this

A soft drink bottling company maintains records concerning the number of unacceptable bottles of soft
drink obtaining from the filling and capping machines. It is learned that 1% of the bottles from Machine I
is non-confirming and 2.5% of the bottles from Machine II is non-confirming. Half of the bottles are
filled by Machine I and the other half are filled by Machine II.
(a) Draw a well-labelled probability tree diagram with joint probabilities calculated to
illustrate this information.
(b) If a bottle is selected randomly, find the probability that the selected bottle
(i) is non-confirming;
(ii) is filled by Machine I and it is confirming
(iii) is filled by Machine II given that it is non-confirming.


TS Contributor
Would it perhaps help you if you started using frequencies, not percentages? I.e.
Machine 1 produces 100 bottles, 1% of them (= xx bottles) are non-confirming
Machine 2 produces the same amount of bottles as machine 1, and 2,5% (= xxx bottles)
are non-confirming.