Can I use ANOV for testing how correlation coefficient varies in condition??

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with the statistical analysis of my data namely I want to look into how anatomical values correlate with some electrophysiological ones, in different condition.
Trying to simplify and explain, I want to relate the volume of some brain structures (a, b, c) to an oscillatory index (idx) in different conditions (neg, pos, neutral) in the task, to check whether those brain structures correlate with oscillations during reward (so in neg and positive cases)...
I have no idea whether I can use correlation in the anova and how to arrange the table in this case...
for every participant I have an index for electrophysiological activity, an index for every structure volume (a, b, c) and I have in total 9 conditions (target value: negative, positive , neutral; distractor value_: negative positive neutral).
Someone please can illuminate me with some ideas of whether I could use anova in this case?
Simply correlating all cases or parts of them would give me a problem of multiple comparisons...
Thank you al in advance!