Can you directly compare the BFinclusion values for two different predictors in a Bayesian Linear Regression?

I am completing a Bayesian Linear Regression in JASP in which I am trying to see whether two key variables (IVs) predict mean accuracy on a task (DV).

When I complete the analysis, for Variable 1 there is a BFinclusion value of 20.802, and for Variable 2 there is a BFinclusion value of 1.271. Given that BFinclusion values quantify the change from prior inclusion odds to posterior inclusion odds and can be interpreted as the evidence in the data for including a predictor in the model, can I directly compare the BFinclusion values for each variable?

For instance, can I say that Variable 1 is approximately 16 times more likely to be included in a model to predict accuracy than Variable 2? (Because 20.802 divided by 1.271 is 16.367 and therefore the inclusion odds for Variable one are approximately 16 times higher).
Thank you in advance for any responses, I really appreciate your time!


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I have never heard of BFinclusion. Is that the Bayes Factor value for the variable in the model? If it is this, how does the model calculate it, meaning does the value represent that the model already controls for the other variable?