Case control, lot of parameters, N and n-Normal dist. Which test and data expression?

Firstly, my english are not so good, sorry. I will be very happy if someone help me.

I am doing a case-control study, people with and without schistosomiasis. How may I perform the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, my groups must be together or not?

I think that they must stay together. Then, I had done the analysis and some of parameters are not in normal distribution. So, I did the transformation to log of such parameters, but some of them still remain in non-normal distribution. I think that for normal-distribution parameters I must use unpaired t-test and for non-normal parameters I have to use Mann-Whitney. But I do not know how to express such data. Which of them I have to use? mean, median, geometric mean, SD, SEM, Confidence Interval?

Please help me!:wave: