Choice-based conjoint (CBC) - randomized design

I need some advice re/ randomized designs in CBC:
  • In my CBC, I have n = 220 and 10 pair-wise comparisons, i.e., each respondent evaluates 20 choice options in 10 choice tasks. Each choice options has 5 attributes á 3 levels.
  • In my pre-study, I used a d-optimal fractional design generated by XLSTAT, i.e., each respondent saw the same 20 options. I was then able to easily conduct the conjoint analysis in XLSTAT.
  • In my main study, my survey tool was accidentally set to random design, i.e., each respondent saw 20 randomly generated options. I was not able to conduct the conjoint analysis in XLSTAT, as it requires fixed design, but could run the analyses in LatentGOLD.
I am not sure if there problems associated with a random design - at least all CBC articles I came across use fixed designs.
Could you help me out here, as I need to decide whether I can proceed working with the conjoint data obtained from random design, or whether I should repeat the study with a fixed design.
Many thanks for your help!