Choosing the right ANOVA test

Hey all,

I'm totally new here but am really struggling trying to choose the right statistical measure.

My scenario is this:
I have 8 different organ samples from the same mouse (heart, brain, colon, pancreas, etc). I have performed a test to detect the absolute amount of "protein X" in each of the 8 organs. I repeated the same test 3x for 6 organs and 2x for 2 organs (ie, I have two missing values).

The repetitive assays should NOT vary over time and were not done under different experimental conditions.

My question:
My colleague thinks I'm supposed to run a repeated measure ANOVA but I am under the impression that this is meant if each of my 3 assays were measuring different proteins or perhaps different assays to measure the same protein.

I think I should be averaging all the values together to create an aggregate value and calculate means and SD separately.

Is there a test that can incorporate the variance within each organ while ALSO figuring out if a certain organ contains significantly more Protein X?

Thank you in advance? :)