Cohort and case-control study

Hi! I am in great need of advice. Is it possible to report the results form a Cohort study along with results from a case-control study, if the case-control originated form the cohort? For example, there is a primary outcome that I want to evaluate in my cohort study, where there are 400 patients.But in only 100 from these patients, I was able to evaluate the presence of a biomarker, that I think is related to the primary outcome.I want to perform logistic regression to see which variables from the cohort explain the primary outcome, but I think that this biomarker -only measured in the case-control individuals- could contribute to the model too.So, my question is, can I include this biomarker that was only evaluated in the case control study? And since it is a numeric variable (level of the biomarker) that was compared to controls, can I include the absolute number in the logistic regression (only the number referring to the patient), or should I do some sort of ratio matching with the respective control before including in the analysis? Thank you very much!!