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Yeah, vinux, breathing is everything. My distance runs are usually on a 3-3 breathe-in/breathe-out cadence, and they become 2-2 or 1-2 when I'm speedy. The same applies to swimming (even more important if you don't want to suck water! lol), which throws me off when I do both, because you usually gulp your air swimming and then use your nose when running.

Dason, what did you do to your knee??


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While playing soccer I was going for the ball and reached and sort of hit a small divot in the field that I wasn't expecting and my knee hyper extended a little bit.


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I've been lazy this week. Only worked out like 3 times and ran twice. Last week I covered 4.5 miles and this week not even 3! Well, start of a new week. Still store from this run (was on Friday). Burnt from being out at the park for a BBQ yesterday. Good day, though. If my feet aren't hurting too bad tonight after I take some aleve, I'll try and run my 2.25 miles. May not be continuous, but I'll get it done in one session. Pain be damned!

30 + 1.75 = 31.75 miles

PT: 13.25 miles


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I was a bit under pace at 5.8 mph (aiming for minimum of 6.0 mph) and I had to walk a 'lap' (quarter-mile) in the middle of my run, but I ran my 2.25 today. It sucked. Finally did my recovery circuit: good mornings (45 lbs), cuban shoulder press (=laterals + rotation; 25 lbs), seated calf raise (105 lbs), front raise (45 lbs), kneeling bar roll out, reverse crunches, forward and backward neck flex (10 lbs). 2 of those multi-sets. Could (should?) have done a 3rd, but I wanted to ease into my next week, and my shoulders are killing me from the sun burn!

31.75 + 2.25 = 34 miles

PT: 15.50 miles


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I've been feeling a bit lazy, taking almost 2 days off, but I got in there. More focused on my leg and shoulder circuit than I am the running. But I'll be doing a 2.5 mile run this weekend.

38 + 1 = 39 miles

PT: 16.50 miles


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halfnormal, I'm gonna handicap your knee if you don't round your numbers! At the very least, keep track of your change on the side until it equals a 'nicer' number lol


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halfnormal make me a tortoise.

@bryan, I am updating only the running distance not the walking part. I guess that is the rule.

89.22 + 1.25 =90
.47 miles

PT: 8.00 miles


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Not a rule, halfnormal, but a lot easier to keep track of! I'm gonna go run to my car and back for the extra 0.03 miles we're under :p

Did you really do 7.13 in one run?

Vinux, yeah, we're only concerned with running. Though, if you're walking great distances, I wouldn't see the harm in adding that mileage. Completing your distance with your feet is the most important part. I wouldn't want to exclude anyone, and when I trained for a marathon last decade, we had people who walked the majority of it during training, but they did get their running in and made great improvements. The point is to do what you can.

90.47 + 2.53 = 93 miles

PT: 19 miles