Comparing Measurements

Hi everyone,

Please could someone help me to find which is the best way to compare two measurements after changing the way of measure?

Here is the scenario:

I have one bench that executes RF Power measurements and I want to make these measurements in another bench. I just want to sure that this new set up will perform as good as the old one.

So, could someone give me the best way (graphically or not) and if possible the sample size envolved in that experiment?

I am using Minitab and I think I have to start doing normality test for the two benchs (but I don't know if I have to measure different samples or if I have to measure the same sample many times). Then I need to compare the means and the standard deviations (Capability Analisys is the best way?).

Ok, I wrote so much. I hope someone can help me.
Thanks in advance