Comparing Survey Results

I just recently administered two surveys testing the effectiveness of a product. Each survey consisted of the same 3 questions and were answered on a 10-point Likert scale.

Survey A was given to 20 participants before the product was administered and the answers to the questions were as follows:
Q1= Averaged response = 5.2
Q2= Averaged response = 4.9
Q3= Averaged response = 6.3

The product was implemented and Survey B was given out to 43 people, the results were as follows:
Q1= Averaged response = 8.3
Q2= Averaged response = 7.3
Q3= Averaged response = 8.6

I can tell that the product is effective, but statistically I don't know where to go from here to prove just how significant of an effect it has had. I was thinking Z-Score's, T-Score's, Correlations.. but its been awhile since college statistics, could anyone shed some light on a direction I could take to show just how effective the product was?

Your help is appreciated