Comparing the mean of top and bottom quartiles

Hi everyone,

I am going over my research and I did an analysis of the mean of 6 variables on two quartiles drawn from a particular variable. I basically assigned to each observation its corresponding quartile and then I focused on the top and the bottom ones. I did a t-test to compare the mean of each of these 6 variables in each of the quartile. I am trying to see if there are some significant differences between a good performer (quartile calculation is based on gross margin) and a poor performer. My method is okay? and make s sense?

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I don't really understand what you mean by you assigned to each observation its corresponding quartile.

Also - what kind of sample size are we looking at?
Hi Dason,
Sorry I should have been more explicit. I just separated my data into 4 groups based on their belonging to one of the quartile. The variable I used is gross margin (economic analysis) so the created variable takes the value 1 for the bottom quartile ... 4 for the top quartile. Then I want to compare the top group with the bottom group. (compare the mean of some variable) --> input1_use input2_use ... revenue1 revenue2 and see if there are some differences. Do I make sense?

The sample size is 250 observations.

Thanks for your help