Confidence intervals from glmer models

When reading this, please keep in mind I'm pretty bad with statistics so please bear with me.

So, I'm trying to analyse data from an ecotoxicological experiment. I have fish that were exposed to a substance during development and want to look at behavioural effects in the adult fish. I have two groups (one control and one treated) so the only fixed factor is treatment. Then I have two random factor: Sibling group and date of behavioural testing. My model looks like this:
mod8<-glmer(loc.act.min.8.10~Treatment+(1|Sibfactor)+(1|Date), family=poisson(link=log), data=Protokoll2)

After obtaining my results, I want to plot the results with confidence intervals. The problem is that I can only get the confidence intervals for the fixed factor, using the effects package. However, if I understood it correctly glmer works by removing the variation originating from the random factors. Thus, plotting the confidence intervals from just the raw fixed factors will make it look like the variation is much bigger than it actually is. Does anyone know of a (preferably simple, so I can understand it) method of obtaining the correct confidence intervals from the model and taking the random factors into account?