Confidence level and Margin of Error applied to Satisfaction surveys

Hello, New to the forum, relatively new to stats as well! So I think I've managed to confuse myself and am going around in circles with this, so help would be appreciated. I'll outline what i'm trying to achieve and what data I have available below:

So, i'm sending out satisfaction surveys (different surveys for different populations). I want to show the results significance and MoE based on the return rate and answers.

So here is what I have so far:

Survey Sent out (to entire population) n = 201
Surveys completed and returned = 109
return rate = 54.23%

I applied the MoE formula:

I used 0.5 as the sample proportion as this survey has not been done before.

The final figure I returned was:

MoE = 5.8% for a 90% confidence level (z*=1.65)
MoE = 6.91% for a 95% confidence level (z*=1.96)

Now, I have a couple of questions on this:

1. Is this correct? Am I applying the correct MoE formula and using the correct data.

2. I have read about the Finite population correction FPC. Is this applicable here? statistically accurate?

3. How do I word this for accuracy of survey results, Is it: 90% of the time we would expect the results of this survey to reflect the true opinion of the population with a variance of +or - 5.8%

4. Given answers above, with a final MoE calculated, would I then apply that to any individual questions within the survey (provided they have the same number of responses 109)? eg I have an average satisfaction score for all respondents as 3.5 out of 5 and a MoE of 5.8%, the resultant variance would be: 3.21 to 3.79 with a 90% confidence level

Hopefully that is clear and I've covered the areas needed. But shout out if i'm on the wrong path or more data is needed.

Many thanks :)