Confused about what type of ANOVA is required

I'm doing a study for university which involves a series of participants (about 150), undertaking a study with 3 conditions and a control condition. The participants are all of different ages and are both male and female (though not an equal number of each) and all participants see all conditions. The hypothesis is that change in one of the conditions will be identified the most quickly, whilst change in another condition will be detected the most slowly across all of the participants.

I've tried to read up and so far I'm concluding that I'd need a one-way repeated measures ANOVA, but I'm not confident enough to base my entire report on it. Could anyone confirm that I'm doing this correctly please?

Any help is massively appreciated. Thanks


TS Contributor
A one-way repeated measures ANOVA looks o.k. If it gives you a statistically significant result,
you can compare the conditions pairwise, if you wish.

If detection time is your dependent variable, then possibly you could consider to log-transform
it, since such measurements are often very skewed. But that depends in part on what is
considered best practice in this kind of study in your field.

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