Contrasts (simple effects after interaction)

Hi, I need a help with SAS syntax regarding contrasts. I found after I ran GLM some interaction effects, but now I need to find out which independent variable has effect on my dependent variable. My advisor told me to do contrasts, but I am unskilled with it :(

Design is 2x2 (type X color)
So for example: I have 2 independent variables /both with 2 levels/:
type (healthy vs unhealthy food)
color (green vs red)
and dependent variable: price

(off course I have more dependent variables, but I need only example for syntax so I can do the rest on my own...)

If u know how to do it in SPSS, I can try it also there... thank you so much


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So will you have an interaction term in your model? What groups do you want to contrast, and please upload your current syntax. Lastly, how are the dichotomous variables represented in data (i.e., healthy vs unhealthy or 1 versus 0)?