Cramer's V

Hi all,

Just have a question about Cramer's V. I'm doing some analysis on education levels of partners; male partners vs. female partners. In the first analysis I'm having two categories for each gender; university educated and non university educated (2*2). From this I'm generating a Cramer's V. Using the same data, I'm then running the same analysis with a 3*3 table; university, vocational and high school only, and generating a Cramer's V.

So my question is, can I compare the Cramer's V value I get from the 2*2 with the 3*3?

Any help would be hugely appreciated.



TS Contributor
Since Cramer' V takes into account the dimensionality of the table, it can be used to compare the strength of association between different tables.
See, for example, THIS document (page 782).