Creating date variable from two separate variables

Hi all

Is it possible to use Syntax to create a date variable (format dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm) from two variables 'date' and 'time' that contain said information in format dd-mm-yyyy and hh:mm, respectively?

I have a large dataset so doing it all manually is not the preferred option.
Actually, Sukaldi, this is the SPSS forum.

I'm not very good with syntax, but the following will accomplish what you need:

COMPUTE NEW_VAR = DateVariableName + TimeVariableName.

Then go into the Variable View tab and select the new variable. Give it a new name, change the type to Date, and select dd-mmm-yyyy hh:mm format. (Yes, I'm sure there's a way to do that in syntax, but I'm not good enough to do that.)