Creating new variable based on Vales of old variable

I am trying to create 3 new variables from a variable I have which measures religiosity on a 0-10 scale. I am trying to use "if" statements under the "transform" menu, in the "recode into different variables" box. I have watched a bunch of videos and found little to be helpful. For exampel I need religiosity from 6 to 10 to be a new variable called "very religious" I am using the "include if case satisfies condition" religion<=6. I next go into the "old and new values" dialogue box and set the range of values. I come out of that box and the "ok" button is not in dark blue to perform the operation. I am used to STATA where this type of recoding is a bit easier, I am mystified as to what I am doing wrong here, any help would be greatly appreciated


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Do not use the IF button. You told the program to recode values 6 to 10, but at the same time you asked the program to exclude values 7 to 10 from recoding ("include values <=6"). So only the "6" would be recoded (BTW, a value 6 on a 0-10 scale is "very religious" in your opinion - are you sure? Usually it is more or less superfluous to perfom such artificial categorization; what do you need this for?).

Did you already define a name for the new variable? Otherwise the command will not be executed.

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