Data with > values

Okay, so with the data set I currently have I would usually run a one way ANOVA with probably a Dunnets post hoc test to compare and find the statistical differences. I am encountering a problem in that with the experiment used there are a number of values which exceeded the maximal stimuli. For more context we were running a two point discrimination test post anesthesia and for some subjects the outcome was that they still could not obtain two point discrimination after the maximal distance had been applied. Therefore some of the data has >60. I've searched on the internet as to how other people have gone about this and I know that this is a flaw in the experiment but any ideas or feedback would be helpful.

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Not necessarily a flaw in the experiment. Logistic limitations happen.

What you have is "censored" data. There are many techniques for working with it. Hopefully that helps get you started.