Design to use?

If I want to test music use for social reasons against music use for personal reasons and scores on an emotional wellbeing questionnaire, would this be a Factorial Independent Anova (two IVs) or an Independent t-test? Or would it be better to do a correlational design? I would be testing on two groups (those who listen to music for personal, vs those who listen in social context)....

Help much appreciated, I'm a stats rookie and am slowly losing my mind!


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Could you please describe your study a bit (topic, research question,
study design, which measurements taken, on what scale, sample size)?

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Hi, thanks for replying. So I am studying Psych and this is the first research study we have to write on our own in terms of writing up a whole report. Basically the topic they gave us was Music use on Well Being and gave us free reign to design a research question. I found some interesting literature around music use becoming increasingly personal and the social element, although strong, becoming a decreasng factor for using music. I wanted to challenge this notion, so the research question I made up is basically do people who use music primarily for social connectivity have better emotional wellbeing than those who use music for personal mood regulation. Sample size is 682 students. What I'm struggling to do, as outlined in my initial question, is feel confident about which study design to in terms of telling you what the study design/method is, I was hoping someone could guide me!! :)