Discriminant Analysis? Or something else?

Hi guys,

This is my homework question. I would appreciate if i could get some idea of where i'm wrong.

Determine whether the variables Smoking, Weight and Alcohol Consumption can be used to discriminate between the three diagnostic categories or levels of heart disease (0=no heart disease diagnosis, 1= at risk of developing heart disease and 2= confirmed heart disease)
Basically can i classify participants into these three levels based on the best combination of the Smoking, Weight and Alcohol Consumption variables?

I thought this was a straight forward DA. but SPSS output comes with an error saying "There is not enough non-empty group and 0 unweighted cases that are valid. Not enough non-empty groups."

I had a check of my data, there is no missing data at all. There is no user missing data, either.
Does the coding of 0, 1, 2 in heart disease have anything to do with it?

Do I have to do any dummy or recode anything before I do DA?

OR, i'm completely wrong, is it something else i have to do?

Please help guide me.



TS Contributor
I'm not an SPSS user, so I'm guessing here. Do you have sufficient data for the number of categories and variables?