dummy variable as dependent variable

Hey guys,

I have a dummy variable as dependent variable. Can this cause some issues? I know dummy variables can cause issues as independent variabels (f.e. multicollinearity).
But I didn't found anything about the problematic for the dependent variable. Is there something I have to look out for or do I have to use a specific regression model?

thanks in advance



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how many groups do you have? If more than two, you may be looking at multinomial logistic regression or ordered logistic regression. You just need to select which group would be the reference for comparison.
Hey, hlsmith thanks for your answer. I really appreciate it.

I looked it up and in my case I have to use the "standard" logit model.


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You can also try linear probability models. The problem with logistic regression is interpreting the results are painful. But linear probability have their own issues. Their is a thread about them somewhere.