Dummy variables in panel data.


I am working on a regression looking at income inequality pre and post financial crisis across G-7 countries between 1975-2006. I have included a dummy variable for banking crisis years in the 7 countries across this time period.

I am wanting to add two more dummy variables for pre and post banking crisis periods however I would like to carry out multiple regressions of the same model but looking at different time horizons. e.g. looking at 1 year before and after the crisis and also looking at 2, 3, 4, and 5 years before and after each crisis took place. Due to lagged distributional effects.

Is there any way to do this? I have used the following paper as a basis for my analysis: http://www3.eeg.uminho.pt/economia/nipe/docs/2011/NIPE_WP_30_2011.pdf

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note: I am looking at all banking crises not just the current 2007-08 crisis.
I am also using Stata to analyse my data.
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I dont really catch your meaning. But if you want to use big number of additional dummy variabel (effect in one year pre and post, ......, effect in five year pre and post) you are doing something inefficient. There is a trade off between degree of freedom and controlling your model, it will weaken the t-value of your variable independent. So, I recommend you to divide your model into five panel (depending on how long the effect of crisis).
I think it is better if you use economic journal not just working paper.