Durbin-Watson bound dU>2.0

Hello. I was wondering, how to interpret bounds of Durbin-Watson test (dU, dL) if dU is greater than 2.0. I know that it is an extreme case, but just want to know...

For example, if n=13 and k=8 than dU=3.182, dL=0.090. 4-dU=0.818, 4-dL=3.91... Does it mean that between 0.090 and 3.190 test is inconlusive? It is quite strange situation, I know that there is plenty of tests better than Durbin-Watson one, but it is nice to know such details.

I would be grateful for any help.
Durbin-Watson statistics are available here on page no. 4: https://www3.nd.edu/~wevans1/econ30331/Durbin_Watson_tables.pdf