Empirical Bachelor Thesis - Normality Distribution or Not? Allowed Methods - Please Help


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It looks like you have 14 data points for each metric. It is almost impossible to determine if data is normal or not from so few points. A "not significant" result of a test is simply saying "I don't know if it is normal or not."
Skewness is of limited use, though it does fill up reports. Boxplots are good for odd data. I would use non parametric correlation, and quote the standard error instead of a confidence interval.


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Here's an illustration of a complete network graph composed of 14 nodes
Is this what you're referring to, or do you mean 14 separate network graphs composed of an unspecified set of nodes and edges?


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If you look for significant correlations, be careful. With 10 metrics you have 45 possible p values. You are likely to get false positives all over the place. Distinguishing between true and false positives has always been a thorny problem which hasn't really been solved.