Employee satisfaction database

Hi! Me and my friend were searching for potential master thesis topics. We have thought of a topic on how the employee satisfaction of a company affects its financial results/firm performance. We would like to examine whether there is a difference in between industries, based on their amount of human capital.
For this research we are looking for a database with data on the employee satisfaction of different companies (preferably within Europe, but not necessarily). We have not found this yet, so we hoped that someone here could help us with this. Thanks in advance for the help!


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I suspect you will find companies are reluctant to share such information. You might see if public organizations share theirs.


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The other big problem is that there is no consistency in the satisfaction scale or in the questions asked across companies.

This would have a different focus, but The American Customer Satisfaction Index is available by year and broken out by many sectors. You could match that up with public data on the business performance of those sectors.


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Selection bias will also come into play. Unsatisfied employees will leave and not be sample and if completion of surveys is not required, then those that complete the instrument may not be a representative sample of the company and can systematically differ.


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Having done content and quantitative coding I would like to repeat what hlsmith said (although I don't know this for sure I just suspect it). People who are asked if they are satisfied at work are going to say yes. The ones that are not satisfied likely will have left. So at best this reflects satisfaction at the moment of the survey and only if people are honest. I believe that, and I think there is analysis to support this, that people will say they are satisfied even when they are not because people don't want to admit they are not happy with their job.

We get a very small percent, maybe 10 percent, who say they are not satisfied. Yet there are indications in turnover and text comments many are not satisfied at all. I question the value of quantitative studies of satisfaction as a result. Even ignoring that not everyone will fill them out and often that can be a high percentage of the total. So you don't know what the true sense in the organization is.

In text comments I think the reverse is often true. The only people who spent the effort to respond are those with an axe to grind.