Endowment Insurance with Complete Life Expectancy

Hello! I am new to actuary science and I need help for this question. Any feedback would be appreciated!

A five-year endowment insurance of 2000 issued to (x). The benefit is payable at the moment of death. You are given:
a) Force of interest of 0.04
b) The conditional probability of death in [x+t, x+t+∆t] given survival at time x+t (for small (∆t)) is proportional to ∆t/(60-t);
c) The complete life expectancy of (x) is 20 years.

Calculate the single benefit premium of this insurance.

I know the equations for the endowment insurance and for complete life expectancy. But I do not know how to convert life expectancy to calculate endowment insurance. I have not gotten a single clue of what b is stating. Any hint would be appreciated. Thank you.


TS Contributor
Wow have not work on actuarial question for a long time. For part b) it should hints you to find out the life time distribution by providing you the hazard rate. And you should obtain a uniform distribution I think.