Estimation method for ratio dependent variable?

Logistic regression is used if the dependent variable is a discrete choice variable. My dependent variable is not a discrete choice variable, but a ratio one.
Is it possible to use regression model with using tranformation for dependent variable? or use some other types of estimation?

Thanks for the reply.

There are three products A, B. An individual choose proportion of his or her fixed a amount of money spent on each product. I want to estimate the effect of demographic factors on this choice

This is not discrete choice between A and B. Hence, It can not be measured by a dummy variable and the pure logistic model cannot be used.

It is a ratio (or proportion of money spent on each product), ranging from 0 to 1.

I wonder if I should transform the ration (or portion p) in to
Y = ln ((p / (1-p)) = bo + b1*X+...

Once I get the values of b0 and b1, I can solve for p by:
p = [exp (b0 + b1X)] / [ 1 + exp (b0 + b1X)]

It is a good way or there is some other way to do it?



TS Contributor
Yes this is fine, or logit link would be fine as well. You are modeling the chance that a dollar will be spent on A or B, so dummy variable is fine like in any other logistic regression model,