Experimental Design help

Been running around in circles with this for a while. I am trying to figure what sort of design I have and how to go about analyzing it. Any help would be great. Details are below.

Sample Date, 3 levels, fixed
Field, 2 levels, assumed to be random from a larger population.

For each sample date at each Field 3, randomly selected corn plants were harvested and analyzed for the response variable.

This was repeated again a second year, using the same fields and same sample dates (just one year later).

Like to know what the difference (if any) is between sampling times and field has a significant effect.

Assuming this is some sort of mixed model split plot design, but having a hard time determining the experimental units and structure.

Please help.
In a split plot design, there is main unit and subunit. In this particular split plot design the main unit here is the Field-1 & 2 which are applied to the two blocks-Years. The subunits are the three levels of sample dates-3 levels. The analysis takes care of Block (Year) effect, main unit (Field) effect, interaction Effect between Year and Field, Subunit (sample date) effect and interaction between Sample Date and Field effect.