Exporting SPSS charts for publication


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Hi there, I am preparing my first article for journal publication and am having difficulty exporting/saving my charts in a way that makes them presentable. I've tried a few different formats (.emf, .eps, .jpg), and also saving to pdf and changing the resolution in GIMP. The main issue is that once copied/inserted to word the chart text only looks clear when heavily zoomed, but looks blurred when viewed at 100%

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Phineas Packard
The simple answer in my experience is dont. Your best bet is to redraw in excel (or R if you have that ability). The other potential solution is to investigate whether you can explort as an .svg file and then fix the problems in something like inkscape (free vector image editor).


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Another suggestion is to ask the staff of the journal that you are submitting to if they have a preferred format or ask collegues what they use in submitting.