F value help?

I have conducted a General Linear Model statistical test to determine the pattern of decomposition, using the scoring of a body part as the dependant variable, treatment as the categorical, independent variable, and log10 ADD as the covariate variable.
I've conducted this linear model, and I received an F-value of 0.05 for the treatment with a P-value of 0.823.
I know that a p-value greater than 0.05 means that the stats are not statistically significant, however, what does a low F-value mean?
*In case it's important, I obtained an R-sq score of 90.58%, R-sq(adj) of 90.52% and R-sq(pred) of 90.39%.


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Are you able to post the software output, perhaps as a screenshot. That is a fairly high R^2 given your F-value.


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In general, test statistics (F, t, z, and so on...) should be referred to as "large" or "small" relative to the appropriate critical value. It may be small in absolute value, but if it exceeds the critical value, then the p-value will be smaller than the corresponding alpha level.

I agree it would be useful to see some of output.