Factorial MANOVA or multivariate multiple linear regression? (2 DVs and 6 IVs)


Very briefly, I'm working on my research proposal for my Psych MSc, and I'm trying to work out which tests would be best to use. As it currently stands, I have:

2 interval DVs (1 = score on a stress scale, 2 = score on a psychological wellbeing scale).
6 categorical IVs (all images of an office, where 1 = empty office, and 2-6 = office with an animal present [dog, cat, fish, bird, hamster]).

I would like to compare the scores on the DVs between the different conditions of the IVs (e.g. are scores higher for an empty office than for an office with a dog present). My idea is that participants would view each image (each participant would only see one of the six images) and then complete the scales.

My current understanding is that a factorial MANOVA would be best, as it would allow me to do all of these comparisons. However, I'm not entirely convinced of this, as I have no experience with MANOVAs. Would a multivariate multiple linear regression be more appropriate? I have worked with this before, but my understanding of that is that the IVs should be interval. Or would an entirely different test be more appropriate?

I would greatly appreciate some guidance, even getting pointed in the right direction to learn more would be much appreciated. Any other constructive thoughts/comments would also be welcome.

Thank you for your time!