Feedback on pre-launch statistical analysis tool

We're building a data analysis/visualization tool that we'd love your feedback on. It's very very far from complete, but some initial reactions would be helpful.

We're building Statwing to be more powerful than Excel but easier to use than R/SPSS/etc.

Here's the demo:

For the power user: a lot of people we know start an analysis by getting a feel for their data in Excel (and with Pivot Tables). We're building Statwing to be a more visual and efficient way to do quick data exploration.

For the novice: Excel is pretty weak at anything more than just averages, sums, etc. We think Excel users will be able to easily use Statwing to understand their data much more deeply than they previously could.

We'd appreciate your thoughts.

Note: I posted to this forum because of the "Elementary Statistics" description. Please let me know if this should go elsewhere.