Filling in ANOVA table

Below is a past exam question...

Don't worry about i or ii because I can do them. r = 0.8 and 95% CI for rho is (0.71, 0.87), which is obtained from a table. I am however, a litttle puzzled by iii. The answer is below. I can see how the dfs of 1, 72, and 73 were obtained but I don't see how the SS's were calculated, especially 64 or 36. If I were just given one of them I could fill in the rest of the table.

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You're going to kick yourself when I tell you how the answer is obtained....:D but don't worry, I've got plenty of boot marks on my back, too.:D

Since r = .8, then r^2 = .64, and knowing that r^2 = SS(reg)/SS(total), then, well, I think you've got it now....