Financial Statistics

I am looking to create some useful statistics for the company I work for. I posted another question with a similar format for a specific regression analysis question, however, this question is different. I have a dataset that includes company name, company type, service provided, charge for the service, and this is all by month. For example, Company X, type of company is a bank, services provided are debt portfolio evaluations at $100 and data analytics at $3,500, and the month is November (obviously this is a fictional example). There would be two entries for this company because there are two services. What kinds of statistics do you believe would be useful that can be deduced from this data? I was thinking customer lifetime value by company type by service provided for revenue forecasting of each service. Do you have any other recommendations and/or critiques on the customer lifetime value idea?


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Not my forte, but it seems BI options usually include: prediction, forecast (possibly with simulations, simple descriptive stats, also as alluded to - times series galore.

Maybe A/B testing or historic experiments where processes changed.