Formula for working out Odds/Probability across two events combined?


Just wondering if there is a formula or way to work out the Probability of a combined across two different events?

ie: Total Goals Scored across TWO games of EPL Soccer - Man United v Wolves & Southhampton v Brentford

ie; Total number of goals between both matches to be Over 5.5 Goals

I can see odds available and % for individual Goals to be scored per game (ie Over 2.5 Goals in Man U game $2.60)

Hope that made some sense.....


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The short version is multiply the percentages together. If there's a 50% of B happening, and a 80% of A happening, then there is a 0.5 * 0.8 = 0.4 = 40% chance they both happened
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Thanks for your reply! The possible outcomes make it a bit more tricky, as if I was trying to work out Over 5.5 Goals, Man U could kick 6 themselves and the other game have 0 goals, or Man U kick 2 and the other team 3 so not sure if the best way would be to work out every outcome 1-5, 2-4, 3-3 etc etc and add % up and work it out that way?