Generating Dummy Variable from excel file into STATA

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I am currently doing a research thesis titled "The Effects of Free Trade Agreements (FTA) on Indonesia's Trade". I have a panel data that consist of indonesia and its partner trade data from 1980 to 2011. In short, I have to create dummy variables of FTA that signed by Indonesia and its partner country.

I am new learner in STATA. My file is in excel file. I already importing it to STATA. I already construct the dummy variables on excel. Actually, there are 14 dummy variable : AANZFTA, AIFTA, AJFTA, AKFTA, AFTA, JIFTA, ACFTA, NAFTA, SAFTA, PAFTA, KUSFTA, SUSFTA, EUOCT, TPSEP. But each FTA has a branch of 3 dummy variables. For example, AANZFTA has AANZFTA1, AANZFTA21, and AANZFTA22. The meaning for that variables are :

FTA1jt : country j must be a member of that FTA at time t. Note that if at time t, that FTA is not yet signed, FTA1it would be zero for country j at time t.

FTA21jt : Country j must not be a member of that FTA at time t and must not be a member of any other FTA.

FTA22jt : Country j must not be a member of that FTA at time t and must be a member of at least one of Indonesia other FTAs.

How can I make stata read my dummy variable that i already construct on excel as dummy variables on stata? Or, if it is not possible, how do i construct/generate all of those dummy variables on stata? :confused::confused::confused:

Here I attached my excel files. I really need your help. It is such a big relief for me. Thank you very much. :wave::wave::wave:
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