Getting ANCOVA results with a regression

Hello !

My outcome variable is a change variable that can take positive and negative values. My ancova has 1 factor (with 3 categories) + 1 continous covariate + a categorical noise variable. Only my outcome variable has missing data.

I have to do a sensibility analysis comparing results from a complete case ANCOVA analysis and a regression analysis after multiple imputation of missing data. I'm using SAS for the analyses.

How do I compare my complete case analysis ANCOVA to regression results using my imputed datasets? The aims remains to compare 3 means so what I'm really asking is how to compare regression results to mean comparison ANCOVA results.


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Are you asking what software to do it in? The regression is going to give you slopes between your predictors and the DV. I don't think that is different than what ANCOVA generates although I have not worked with ANCOVA in many years.